Full List of UK Hunt Buttons 

This is the full list of Brass and Black buttons currently available for sale, including full sets and individual buttons for UK hunts.

All buttons are vintage/antique unless otherwise stated.

Albrighton: Brass:  1L, 4S AH in Gothic, flat, engraved.

Albrighton Woodland:   Brass: 5L 3S AWH in block, hobbed, flat - various

                                      Black:  Various 9L  3S AWH in block. 

Atherstone: Brass: Set a:8L, 4S AHC in Gothic with fox left, over. Gilt, struck

                               Set b: 6L 6S A in block with fox running through, hobbed.

                               2S A in block with fox running through, hobbed.

                               4S AHC in Gothic with fox running left, over, struck 

                  Black: Various 5L 8S AHC in Gothic with running fox over. (Some Poor)  

Avon Vale:  Brass: Set: 7L 6S  AVH in script with fox mask over. Flat, Struck.

                                    1L 3S AVH with fox mask over, struck

                                   1S AVH with fox mask over, Gilt, Struck

                   Black: Various 3L 7S  (Some poor)

Axe Vale:  Brass: 1S A.V.H in block 

Badsworth: Brass: 5L 4S BH in Gothic with running fox over, struck.

                              3L BH in Gothic with running fox over ( some wear)

                              1S BH in Gothic with running fox over, gilt

                    Black: 1L 1S

Beaufort, Duke of:  Brass: 2L 3S BH in Gothic

                                Black: 4L 4S good condition

                                           3L 6S good (some fair)

Barlow:  Black: 1L - Barlow Hunt in banner.

Bedale: Sold - More wanted please

Belvoir: Brass: 5L 3S BH in Gothic with coronet over - flat struck (various)

                        1S BH in GOthic with coronet over - 2 piece

              Black:  Set a: 5L 4S 

                        Set b: 5L 4S 

                        1L 8S (various)

Berkeley: Brass: Set: 8L 6S BH in script domed, mounted.

                                  4L 8S BH in script  domed, mounted

                Black: 2S

Berwickshire: Brass: 2L 1S BH monogram, struck

Bicester:  Brass: 1S BH in script struck

                          1S BH in script, mounted.

Bicester: & Warden Hill: Brass: Set: 8L 4S BWHH monogram

                                                 2L BWHH monogram, struck

                                      Black: 2S

Bicester with Whaddon Chase: Set: 5L 4S BHwC with running fox over.

                                                 Black: 2S BHWC with fox over: 

Bisley:   Brass 2L Bh in script with fox mask over.

Blackmore & Sparkford Vale: None, but you may also wear:

                  Blackmore Vale: Brass: Set a: 6L 4S BV in gothic 2 piece

                                                       set b: 6L 4S BV in gothic 1 piece

                                                              + 10L 3S BV in gothic. various

                                                Black: Set: 5L 4S + 1L 5S

Blankney:    Brass: 1L 1S BH in block with fox mask over

                    Black: 1L Bakelite with shank

Blencathra: Brass: 1S Running fox with BH over

Braes of Derwent: Brass: Sold more required please

Bramham Moor: Set a: 6L 4S Running fox with 'Forrard' over, silver plate

                           Set b: 6L 4S smaller, Running fox with 'Forrard' over, silver plate.

                              + 6L 5S - various  + 3L rare/early design

Brecon:   Brass: 2L 2S B.H in block

Burstow:  Brass: 1L BH in gothic, stippled ground.

Burton:     Brass: 1L BH in gothic, stippled ground

Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace: Either button may be worn.

Cambridgeshire: Brass: Set: 8L 5S CH (Modern)

                                        4L 3S (Various, brass & gilt)

                            Black: 15 (Various designs)

Enfield Chace Brass: Set 5L 4S EC with fox mask over

                                  4L 1S EC with fox mask over

Carmarthenshire: Brass: 1L 1S  C.H.C in block struck

                                          1L 1S engraved.

Cattistock:  Brass: Set: 8L 5S  CH in gothic (Modern)

                              4L 3S (various brass & gilt)

                    Black: 15 L (Various)

Charborough:  6L fox mask with writing round.

                        12L CH in gothic

Cheshire: Brass: Set a: L 86S CH in gothic, 2 piece buttons

                           Set b: 6L 6S CH in gothic, 2 piece

                           Set c : 6L 6S (2 x 2 piece 4 x 1 piece)

Cheshire Forest: Brass: Set: 8L 4S CFH in gothic (worn)

                                             3L 2S  CFH in gothic  engraved

                             Black: 4S

Chiddingfold, Leconfield, Cowdray: Brass: Set: 8L 8S CLC in script (modern)

Chiddingfold Farmers:  Brass: 3L 2S CFH with running fox over struck

                                                 1L CFH with running fox over, engraved

Cleveland:  Brass: 2L 4S  CH in gothic with running fox over

Clifton on Teme:  Brass: 1L 1S  CTH in block momogram

                             Black: 6L 8S - various

College Valley:    Brass: 1S CVH in block

Cotley: Brass: Set a) 8L 4S CH in gothic, gilt

                       Set b) 6L 4S  CH in gothic

                       Set c)  8L 3S CH in gothic

Cotswold: Brass: Set: 7L 6S CH in gothic 

                            4S CH in gothic

                            2S (Large CH)

Cotswold Vale Farmers: Brass: Set a: 5L 4S C.V.H in block (modern)

                                                 Set b: 3L 4S CVH in block - silver colour (modern)

                                                  1L C.V.H 

Cottesmore: Brass: Set: 7L 4S CH monogram

                                1L 12S  CH monogram

                                2S (COTTESMORE with coronet over)

                      Black: Set: 5L 4S  + 4L 3S (various)

Cowdray: Brass: Sold more required please

Craven:  Silver colour: 1L 2S CH in gothic

Crawley & Horsham: Brass: Set a: 8L 6S  C&HH script, engraved

                                            Set b: 6L 4S C&HH script engraved (various)

                                             + 2 L C&HH

                                    Black: 2L 5S

Croome & West Warwickshire: The Croome buttons are worn

                                            Brass:Set 8L 4S CH monogram coronet over

                                                   + 2L 

Cumberland: Brass: 2L 1S

Curre: Brass: Set a) 8L 4S  CH in gothic

                      Set b) 6L 4S  CH in gothic

                     1 L  CH in gothic

                     4L CH in gothic, engraved

Cury: Brass: Set: 5L 4S  CH in gothic, engraved

                       + 1L Gilt

Dartmoor: Brass: Set a) 7L 4S DH in gothic

                             Set b) 8L gilt 4S brass DH in gothic

                             2L  3S  DH in gothic (various)

                            4L 2S Flat, engraved

                            1S DH in block

                  Black: 1L

Duke of Buccleugh  1S DB monogram with coronet over

Dulverton: Brass: 2L Struck, DH in script

Dumfriesshire: Brass:  Set a) 8L 6S D with fox running through.

                                     Set b) 5L 6S  D with fox running through

                                      Set c) 6L 3S DFH in gothic

                           Black: 1L 3S

East Cornwall:  Brass:  1L 1S ECH in block, struck

                                    1S ECH in block, engraved,

East Devon:   Brass: 4L 10S EDH monogram, various, engraved

East Essex:    Brass: 4L 5S EE in gothic, struck

                                 1L 5S struck, gilt

                                 1L 2S EE mounted

East Kent:    Brass: 4L 1S EKH in script various

East Sussex: Brass: 3L 1S  ESH in script - various

East Sussex & Romney Marsh: 1L ESRM in block

                                              1L !S ESRM in block - modern

Eggesford: Brass: 3L 2S  EH in gothic, various

Earl of Eglinton: Brass: 3L EH with coronet over mounted

Eglinton: Brass: set 5L 4S Running Fox in Garter with Eglinton Hunt 2 piece 

                              + 1L 1S 

                               3L 1S  Silver colour (Maker: Button Link)

Enfield Chace: Brass: set: 5L 4S EC in gothic with fox mask over

                                       + 4L 1S

Eridge: Brass 1L EH in block

Essex: Brass: Set 8L 6S EH in script 

                          + 4L 6S

Essex & Suffolk: Brass 2L 1S E&SH in gothic 

                                  1L E&SH in script - mounted

Essex Farmers: Brass: 1L E.F.H in block

                       Silver colour: 4L 3S EFH in block (modern)

Essex Farmers & Union: Brass: 3L 2S EFUH in ampasand

Essex Union: Brass: Set a) 8L 4S EUH in gothic, struck

                              set b) 8L 4S EUH in gothic struck

                              set c) 8L 6S EUH in gothic, engraved - dress buttons

                                + 4L 1S EUH struck

                                    3L 1S EUH engraved - dress

Exmoor: Brass:  EFH monogram - modern















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