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If you would like any buttons identified, please email with images of the front and back of buttons, or a full description to huntbutton@gmail.com


Neil McShane, compiler of the comprehensive book, 'Foxhunt Buttons', has simplified the art of describing hunt buttons with his ten point terminology:

1. Name          - The name of the hunt.
2. Initials         - The specific initials on the button.
3. Style           - The style of initials - block, script, gothic, monogram.
4. Diameter      - Usually 22mm for coat and 16mm for cuff.
5. Profile          - The button may be flat, convex or 'two piece'.
6. Stamp         -  The way made - Hobbed, engraved, struck, mounted.
7. Metal           - Polished brass, gilt brass, silver, chrome.
8. Edge           - The rim may be lipped or knurled/rope or with no rim.
9. Background - Plain, lined, stippled or squared (basket weave)
10. Feature      - There may be a fox mask, coronet or other feature.

This is the system used by The Hunt Button to describe all buttons for sale, along with details of the backmark.   Thank you Neil for all your work in demystifying the complex variations of hunt buttons.


Backmarks Several companies specialised in the manufacture of hunt buttons, and their backmarks on the buttons play an important role in identifying the date of manufacture and the hunt.  For collectors of hunt buttons the backmark may indeed be as interesting as the front of the button.   


Whilst The Hunt Button does its best to describe all buttons fully and correctly, it cannot take responsibility for any mistakes in identification of any buttons listed here.  

The Hunt Button will always send buttons for your own identification, and refund the price of buttons in full, if a mistake has been made.


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