Buy... Harrier, Beagle, Basset, Mink, Otter, Buck, Stag, and Drag Hunt Buttons

Stag & Buckhound Hunt Buttons

Enfield Chace Stag Hounds: Brass: 1L 1S ECSH in script 

Essex Stag Hounds:  Brass: 1L ESH in block

Lunesdale & Oxenholme Stag Hounds: Brass:  5S OH monogram

Mid Kent Stag: Brass: 2L 6S

Norwich Stag: Set, brass: 5L 4S


Harrier Hunt Buttons,
Aldenham Harriers: Brass: 1L 2S AH monogram 

                             Black: 3L 3S AH monogram, good

Cambridgeshire: Brass: 1L CH in gothic with running hare over

                         Black: 8S CH in gothic with running hare over.

Cotley Harriers: Brass Set 6L 4S CH in gothic

Dunston:  Brass: 1L 7S (dress) DH in block with hare over.

High Peak: Brass: 4L HPH in gothic with hare over

Holcombe: Brass: 1L HH in gothic.  

Modbury:  Brass: 1L MH in script, struck. 1L MH in script, engraved.

North Norfolk: Brass: 1L 1S NNH in block with hare over  

                     Brass: 1L engraved, modern

Pendle Forest: Brass: 4L 2S Struck

Pendle Forest & Craven: Brass: 1L 1S PF & CH in gothic

Vale of Lune: Brass: 1L VLH in script

Waveney: Brass: 4L struck

                Brass: 1L 1S WH in script (modern) 

                Black: 1S WH in script


Beagle Hunt Buttons,

Brighton & Storrington Foot: none but 1L & 3S Storrington Foot SFB in block

Christchurch & Farley Hill: 1L CCFHB in script silver colour

Clincard: 1L C with running hare

Derby Notts & Staffs: 1L DB monogram with running hare  

Hunsley Beacon: 1L HBB in block with running Hare over 

New College: 1L NCB in block

North Staffordshire Moorland: 1L NSMB in script

Radley College: 1L 

Shrivenham (RMCS) 1L

Storrington Foot: 1L 3S  

Surrey & North Sussex: 1L S&NSB in block with running hare over

Wick & District: 2L 4S engraved

Worcester Park & Buckland:  1L 2S WP&BB in block with running hare over

Basset & Bloodhound Hunt Buttons
Albany Bassets: 1L AB in block with running hare over Sold

Readyfield Bloodhounds: 5L 3S BB in gothic

West Lodge: 1L WL in block with running hare over


Otter & Mink Hunt Buttons
Blackwater Otter Hounds,  Buckinghamshire Otter Hounds,  SOLD similar required please.

Drag Hunts

Cambridge University Drag:  Brass 4S Struck

                                          Black: 5L CUD in gothic.

Cambridge University Hunt Club: Brass: 2L CUHC in script 

Oxford University Drag: Black: 2L OUDH in gothic.

                                   Black: 1L 3S OUDH monogram.


South Oxford Farmers' Drag: Black: 2S SOFDH in script.

Wigtownshire Drag: Set: Brass: 7L 4S


Military Hunts

Royal Artillery: Black: Set: 5L 4S RAR monogram

2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) 1L 1S

3rd King's Own Hussars 1L

11th Prince Albert's Own Hussars  1S  

4th Queen's Own Hussars  1L 8S

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