Full Sets of Hunt Buttons

Full sets of brass and black hunt buttons available.

Please go to the Contact us page if you wish to buy any.


Albrighton: Brass 7L One piece, struck  (more available)

Atherstone: Set a: Brass 6L 6S  A with fox running across (Right)  

                    Set b: Brass, 7L 3S AHC with running fox over, gilt.

Avon Vale: Brass, 5L 6S:  AVH with fox mask over, hobbed.

Belvoir: Brass, 8L 6S, struck (modern)

Blackmore Vale: Brass: 5L 4S

Cambridge University Drag: Brass 8L  CUD in gothic

Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace: 

          Cambridgeshire: Set a: Brass, 6L 2S CH in gothic, struck, gilt.

                                     Set b: Brass 8L 5S CH in gothic, modern

                                     Set c: Black, 6L 4S CH in gothic.

                                     Set d: Black, 5L 4S CH in gothic.

          Enfield Chace: Black, 5L 4S  

Cattistock:    Set a: Brass, 8L 5S CH in gothic, modern

                     Set b: Brass 6L 2S CH in gothic, struck, gilt

                     Set c: Black, 6L 4S

                     Set d: Black, 5L 4S

Charborough: Brass 8L buttons

Charlton Hunt Club: Brass 5L 4S.

Cheshire:   Set a: Black 5L 4S

                  Set b: Black 6L 4S

Cheshire Forest:  set a: 8L 4S CFH in Gothic

                         set b: 7L 4S CFH in Gothic - modern 

Chiddingfold Leconfield Cowdray: Brass 8L 8S CLC - modern

Clifton on Teme: Black: 6L 5S

Cotley: Set a:  Brass 9L 4S buttons, CH in gothic, one piece,  gilt

            Set b:  Brass 7L 4S  CH in gothic, one piece, gilt

            Set c: Brass 6L 5S CH in gothic, struck

            Set d: Black 5L  4S

Cotswold:        Brass, 4L 6S  1 piece  CH in Gothic.

Cottesmore:     Set a: Brass  8L 6S SOLD, more required,please.

                        Set b: Black set: 5L 4S. 

Cowdray:  Brass, 5L 4S

Crawley & Horsham: Brass 7L 4S C&HH in script, flat, engraved.

Croome & West Warwickshire: (Croome) Brass 5L  4S CH with coronet over

Curre & Llangibby:   Set a:  Brass 7L 4S CH in gothic

                                 Set b:  Brass  9L 4S CH in gothic.

                                 Set c: Brass 6L 5S CH in gothic.

                                 Set d:  Black  5L 4S CH in gothic

Cury:                Set a: Brass 4L 4S 

                        Set b: Black, 5L 4S

Dartmoor:  Set a: Brass 8L  DH in gothic, stippled background. 

                   Set b: Brass  7L 4S DH in Gothic, stippled ground

Dart Vale Harriers: Brass 8L 4S DVH in block, struck.

Derwent:  Brass 10L Running Fox

Dumfriesshire:   Set a: Brass 8L 6S, D with running fox through

                           Set b: Brass 5L 6S, D with running fox through

                           Set c: Brass 6L DFH in gothic.

                           Set d: Brass 5L DFH in gothic

East Sussex & Romney Marsh: Black, 6L 4S

Enfield Chace: Black, 5L 4S

Essex:  Set a: Black, 6L 4S

            Set b: Black, 3L  4S     

Essex Union:  set a: Brass 7L 4S

                      Set b: Brass, 5L  3S,  EUH in gothic on lined ground

                      Set c: Brass 8L 4S  Engraved, dress.

Fernie:  Set a: Brass, 8L 4S  

             Set b: Brass, 6L 7S (Modern)

             Set c: Brass  6L 4S (coat buttons slightly smaller)

             Set d: Black, 3L 4S

Fitzwilliam:  Set a:  Silver plate 10L 3S  FH with crest over

                     Set b:  Silver plate, 7L 4S. FH with crest over

                     Set c:  Silver plate 6L 6S   FH with crest over

Garth:  Brass, 7L 4S  GH in block on plain background.

Glamorgan:  Set a: Brass, 6L 4S

                    Set b: Brass, 8L 4S Gilt

                    Set c: Black, 5L 4S 

Grafton:  Set a: Brass, 6L 4S  GH in gothic

               Set b: Brass, 8L 4S Gilt.

               Set c: Black, 5L 4S 

Grampian: Set a: brass, 6L 4S Gh in Gothic

                  Set b: brass 8L 4S Gilt

                  Set c: black, 5L 4S

Grove & Rufford:  Silver colour, 7L  4S G & RH in block (modern)

Hampshire: Brass, 5L 6S HH with plume of feathers over (modern)

Haydon:   Brass 5L 4S HH in script domed, mounted

Heythrop:  Brass 5L 4S HH in script, domed, mounted

Isle of Wight: Brass, 5L  6S  IWH in gothic with fox over.

Lanark and Renfrewshire: Silver colour 9L  5S (modern)

Ledbury: Brass, 5L 4S  LH in gothic on plain background, hobbed.  

Ludlow: Brass 9L  L.H. in block, engraved

Middleton: Black: 3L 4S (Fair)

Monmouthshire Hunt Club: Set a: Brass 8L 2S  MHC, 2 piece buttons

                                           Set b:  Brass 5L 4S MHC 2 piece.

                                           Set c: Brass, 7L 4S  MHC (modern)

New Forest: Brass: 6L 4S Engraved (Dress)

                    Brass: 5L 4S Struck 

North Cotswold: Brass, 8L 4S

North east Cheshire Drag: Silver colour, 5L 4S 

North Northumberland: Brass, 7L 4S NNH with fox mask over (worn)

North Staffordshire: Set a: Brass 7L 3S

                                 Set b: Brass, 5L 4S

North Warwickshire: Set a: Brass, 8L 4S Domed, mounted (Dress)

                                  Set b: Brass 7L

Oakley:  Set a: Brass 4L 6S two piece dress buttons

              Set b: Brass 5L 3S  3 coat 4 cuff, one piece

Old Raby Hunt Club: 9L ORHC with fox over (modern)

Old Surrey & Burstow:  Set a: Brass 10L 7S (modern)

                                      Set b: Black 7L 4S

Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent:  Brass, 3L 7S (modern)  

Pentyrch: Brass 5L 2S cuff PH in block  (modern)

Portman: Brass 6L 4S, Dress, flat plain ground with large P engraved.

Pytchley:  Set a: Brass 6L 6S

                 Set b: Black, 7L 6S

                 Set c: Black, 6L 4S

                 Set d: Black, 3L 4S

Quorn:  Set a:  Black: 5L  6S (More available)

              Set b: Black: 6L 4S 

Radnor & West Herefordshire:  Silver plate: 5L 4S RWHH 

South & West Wilts:  Brass 8L 4S two piece struck.

                                  Brass  6L 6S One piece, engraved

Southdown: Brass 7L 4S One piece 

South Herefordshire: Set a: Brass 8L 6S One piece, hobbed

                                  Set b: Brass, 7L 6S  One piece, hobbed

South Notts:  Black, 3L 4S

South Oxfordshire:  Brass 4L 6S Engraved

South Shropshire: Brass 8L 6S Struck, two piece (Victorian, unused)

Suffolk:  Set a:  Black 6L 4S  SH in gothic on lined background.

               Set b: Brass, 6L 4S  SH monogram on flat plain ground.

Surrey Union: Set a: Brass 6L 5S UH in gothic on plain ground (Dress)

                       Set b:  Black: 4L 4S 

Taunton Vale: Brass: 5L 4S Modern engraved

Tickham:  Brass, 7L 4S  

Tiverton:  Brass, 7L 4S T in gothic, plain background

United:    Brass, 7L 4S Silver colour, engraved

Vale of Aylesbury:  Set a:  Brass, 5L 4S 

                               Set b: Black 5L 4S 

                               Set c: Black 6L 4S

Vale of White Horse:  Set a: Black 5L 4S

                                   Set b: Black 3L 4S

Vale of White Horse (Cricklade): Brass 10L  VWH in script two piece.

Vine:    Set a: Brass 5L 4S VH with vine leaf over.

            Set b: Brass Gilt. 5L 4S VH with vine leaf over.

Vine & Craven:  Black, 3L 4S                       

Warwickshire: Set a: Brass: 8L 5S. WHC with wheatear

                        Set b: Brass 8L 5S WHC with wheatear (modern). 

                        Set c: Black 6L 4S (fair)

                        Set d: Black, 5L 3S (fair)    

Western:  Set a: Brass Gilt. 8L 6S Two piece struck

                Set b: Brass7L 4S Two piece struck

West Somerset:  Brass 6L 6S, engraved  SOLD

Wheatland:  Black 5L 4S WH in gothic.

Wilton: Brass 6L 3S.  W,H in gothic, flat, one piece, plain ground. SOLD

Woodland Pytchley:  Brass, 5L 4S  SOLD

Worcestershire: Set a: Brass 6 L 6S  SOLD

                          Set b: Black, 5L 4S

Ystrad Tan Fechan:  Black, 4L 2S

11th Prince Albert's Own Hussars:  Brass 4L 8S One piece engraved

8th King's Royal Irish Hussars: Brass 8L 6S One piece with silver mounted lettering.

Silver colour with running hare:  8L 4S

Wigtownshire Drag:  7L 4S silver colour

Ballymacad (Ireland) Black: 3L 4S

Muskerry (Ireland) Set a: Brass 5L 5S  MHC 

                               Set b: Brass 8L 2S 


Please enquire for exact details by email or phone 07944595039.

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