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Fabulous set of Vale of White Horse, Earl Bathurst's Hunt Servants' buttons

sold recently.   

Collectable Buttons from Current Hunts:

Cottesmore: 1L 'Cottesmore' in block letters with the Earls' coronet over, backmark H Poole & Co Saville Row London  ( dates from late 19th C)

Ledbury: 2L with rare Armfield Backmark

Pytchley: 2L with G&W Boggett Backmark (circa 1840)

                1L with Doughty & Co backmark (Pre 1875)

Quorn: 1L  2S Quorn in block letters with coronet over.  The large one has a backmark: H. Poole & Co Saville Row London - Sold - more required please


From Fox Hunts That Have Gone Before:

Badsworth: 2L 3S BH in gothic with running fox over

Bicester & Warden Hill: Brass: 2L 1S Hobbed.  5L engraved.

                                      Black: 2S

Blackmore Vale: Brass: Set 5L 4S  Two piece, struck  + 2L 1S  

Bramham Moor: 3L 6S Running Fox with 'Forrard' over silver colour (rare design)                             1L silver button (hallmarked)

Charborough: Gilt: 8L CH in gothic. 

Chiddingfold: Brass: 2L CH monogram engraved.

Chiddingfold Farmers: Brass: CFH with running fox over: 2L 2S 

Cowdray: Brass: Set : 5L  4S  CH in gothic - hobbed + 3 L  + 2L 1S (Modern)

Croome: Brass Set  5L 4S + 1L 1S CH monogram with coronet over

Dulverton: 1L DH in script engraved plain background.  1L in script lined background

Dulverton East:  2L DH in script

Dumfriesshire:  Super set of 8L & 4S D with running fox through

East Sussex:  Black 6L 5S (various)

Eglington, Earl of, Black: 1s with shank

Enfield Chace: Brass: 7S EC with fox mask over

                        Black: Set 5L 4S

Essex Farmers: Brass: 1L

Essex Union: Brass Set a) 8L 4S EUH in gothic - engraved. (Dress)

                      Brass Set  b) 7L 4S  EUH in gothic, struck,

                       Brass: 5L 3S  Struck, + 3L 3S dress buttons EUH in gothic

Fernie's, Mr Brass set : 6L 4S 

Garth:  Brass Set: 7L 4S Hobbed, 

            Brass: 1L 2S Engraved

            Black: 1S 

Garth & S Berks: 2L 4S G & SB in script laser engraved + 2L 3S Black plastic

Gerards (Hon R): 1S GH in gothic.

Goodwood: 3L 1S GH in gothic - large silver buttons

Guest's (Miss): 1L G in gothic

Hambledon: 3L 3S HHC in script (2mounted & 1 Struck of each)

Harrington (Earl of): 1L 6S H in block with coronet over

Hertfordshire: 2L HH monogram

Hursley: 3L 5S HH in script + 2S Black

Johnstone's (Sir Harcourt or Captain the Hon F.) 3L 1S brass button with running fox left.

West Kent:  2S WKH in script

Lord Leconfield's  4 S domed button with mounted LL monogram with coronet over

Linlithgow & Stirlingshire: 1L 1S + Modern set LSH in gothic with running fox over

Llanelly:  2L LH in gothic on plain background (Firmin & Sons,153 Strand London)

Llangibby: 2L LH in script  1L Black 1L pale plastic

Maesgwynne: 1L MH in gothic (Jennens & Co London) 

Mendip:  1L   MH in script with fox mask over

Meynell:  Set 7L 4S MH in gothic + 1L + 1S Black

Newmarket & Thurlow: 2S   N & TH in block  + 3S Black

North Northumberland: 4L NNH in block with fox head in profile over + Set

South Oxfordshire: Set 5L 7S  SOH in script + 3S various styles

Puckeridge & Thurlow: 1S PTH in gothic Black buttons

Romney Marsh: 2L RMH in block

Rufford: 1L RH monogram

Southdown: Set: 7L 4S  + 3L 1S  SDH in gothic

South Staffordshire: 3S SSH monogram with rope

Old Surrey & Burstow: 2L 1S OSBH in script

Sussex:  4S SH monogram

East Sussex: 10L 6S ESH in script - black bakelite buttons

Tickham: Set 7L 1S +  1S  TH in gothic with running fox over

Tredegar & Pentyrch: 2L TPH in block

Vine: Set, 5L 3S + 2L 2S VH with vine leaf over + 4L 3S Black

North Warwickshire:  Various please ask

Waveney: 4L WH in script - (now Waveney Harriers)

Whaddon Chase: 1S WCH in script with running fox over + 14L 12S Black

Wylye Valley: 2L 2S WVH in gothic with running fox over


Military Hunt Buttons for sale:

2nd Dragoon Guards Queen's Bays: 1767-1921  Known as the bays, as they were mounted on bay horses:  1 small brass button.

11th Prince Albert's own Hussars 1840-1969  1 small brass button

21st Empress of India's Lancers 1897-1921 1 large brass button Sold

3rd King's Own Hussars 1685-1958  1 large brass button

4th Queen's Own Hussars 1861- 1939 1 large brass button


Stag Hunts that have gone before:

Enfield Chace Stag Hounds: 1L 1S ECSH in script. Engraved plain background, maker: Walding, Rugby  date: 1885-1912


Hunt Clubs & Foreign Hunt Buttons

Bullingdon Club: 1L 2S BC in gothic. The Bullingdon Club was originally responsible for setting up the Oxford University Drag Hunt and ran it until 1984

Cambridge University Hunt Club: 1L CUHC in script

Madras: India.  1L  MH with fox mask in centre

Shanghai: China. 3L 4S  1910-1932 SPH in gothic. Backmark: Made in England



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