Vintage Black Field Buttons for sale

Vintage black, field coat buttons from current hunts.

The majority are black plastic but earlier ones are black vulcanite or bakelite.

Please be aware that 'Vintage black buttons' will show signs of wear. They will not look like new!

L = Large /coat buttons S = Small /cuff buttons. Please email using the contact form if you are interested in buying any.


Albrighton: 2L 1S  Sold

Albrighton Woodland: 9L 3S AWH in block (Various)

Atherstone: Set: 5L 4S AHC with running fox over (some fair condition)

                  4S AHC with running fox over 

Avon Vale:  Set: 3L 4S AVH in script with fox mask over


Badsworth & Bramham Moor: 1L 1S BH with fox over

Barlow:  1L Barlow Hunt in Banner. Good

Beaufort: Set A: 4L 4S BH in script. Good (modern)

              Set B: 3L 4S  BH in script. Fair.

                        1L 3 S (various)

Belvoir:  Set A: 5L 4S BH in script with coronet over. Good

             Set B: 5L 4S BH in script with coronet over, lettering cream.

                        1L 8S various.          

Berkeley:  5S BH in script, various.

Bicester & Warden Hill: 2S

Bicester with Whaddon Chase:  2S BWC with running fox

Blackmore Vale:  Set: 5L 4S BV in gothic. Good

                                 1L 5S various

Blankney: 1L BH in block with fox mask over, good.

Brocklesby: Sold

Burton: Set: 3L 4S  Sold

Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace: You may wear Cambridgeshire or Enfield Chace buttons:

Cambridgeshire: 9L 8S CH in gothic, various.

Enfield Chace: 3L 1S, EC in gothic with fox mask over. Good

Cattistock:  9L 8S CH in gothic, various

Cheshire: 9L 8S  CH in Gothic, various.

Cheshire Forest:  4S CFH in gothic, fair

Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray: 1L  CLC in script, good

Clifton on Teme: Set: 3L 4S  CTH monogram

                                3L 4S various

Cotley:  9L 8S  CH in gothic, various

Cottesmore:  Set A : 5L 4S CH monogram (fair condition)

                    Set B: 3L 4S CH monogram, fair.

                              1L 6S CH monogram, various

Crawley & Horsham: 3L 6S C&HH monogram, various

Croome 1S CH monogram with coronet over.

Curre & Llangibby: 9L 8S CH in gothic, various

Cury:  9L 8S CH in gothic, various.

Dartmoor:  2L DH in gothic, not matching

Duke of Bucchleugh: Sold

Dulverton: DH in script, good.

Dumfriesshire & Stewartry : 4L 4S D & S in block with running fox over

Dumfriesshire: 1L 3S DFH in gothic

East Essex: 1S  EE in gothic, fair.

East Sussex & Romney Marsh: Set: 5L 4S  ESRM in block, good

                                                    1S, fair.

East Sussex: Set: 5L 4S, ESH monogram, fair.

                           4L 2S ESH monogram, fair

Eglington: 1S Eglington Hunt in garter with running fox

Eglington, Earl of: 1S EH monogram with coronet over

Enfield Chace: Set: 5L 4S EC with fox mask over

Essex:  Set A: 5L 4S  EH in script, fair.

           Set B: 4L 4S EH in script, good.

           Set C: 5L 4S EH in script, good.

Essex & Suffolk: 2S

Essex Farmers: 3L 2S

Essex Farmers & Union: 1L 3S EFUH in &  

Essex & Suffolk: 2S E&SH fair.

Fernie:  Sold

Fitzwilliam: Set: 5L 4S FH in block with crests over.

                         5S FH in block with crests over, various.

Flint & Denbigh: Set: 3L 4S F&DH monogram with rope edge, fair.

Garth: 1S GH in block.

Glamorgan : Set:  4L 4S  GH in gothic.

                           5L 5S, GH in gothic, various.

Grafton: Set: 4L 6S  GH in gothic.

                     5L 5S GH in gothic, various.

Grove & Rufford: 2L G&RH in block, good + 4L, fair.

Grove: 3L GH monogram with Running fox over.

Hampshire Hunt: 1L 4S HH with plume of feathers over +

                          1S hh in gothic + 4S HH in block

Haydon:  4S HH in block

Herefordshire: 2S

Heythrop: 4L 9S  HH monogram, various - not a set.

Hurworth: Set: 6L 4S HHC monogram with fox mask over, good.

Isle of Wight: IWH in gothic with running fox over, fair.

Lanark & Renfrewshire: 2L with shanks 3S LRH mono, running fox.

Lauderdale: 1L LFH in script with running fox over, fair.

Llangibby: 1L LH in script

Lord Leconfield's: 3S LL monogram with coronet over

Mendip Farmers: 1L  MFH in gothic with fox mask over.

Meynell: Set: 3L 4S MH in gothic, good

                    5L 2S MH in gothic, fair

Middleton: Set: 3L 4S  M with coronet over.

Monmouthshire:  6S   MHC in script, fair

New Forest:  1L with shank, 1S Stirrup, New Forest in stirrup leather                          with coronet over

Newmarket & Thurlow: 4S N & TH in block, fair

North Cornwall: 3L 1S NCH in script, good.

North Cotswold:  Set: 4L 4S, fair.

                                2L 4S (various condition)

North Staffs: 1L 1S NSH in script with knotted rope over.

Oakley: Sold

Old Surrey & Burstow: Set A: 5L 4S  OSBH in script, good                   

                                  Set B: 6L 4S  OSBH in script, good.

                                  Set C: 3L 4S  OSBC in script, good.

Puckeridge: 1S PH in gothic.

Puckeridge & Thurlow: Set A: 5L 4S PTH in gothic, fair.

                                  Set B: 5L 4S PTH in gothic, fair.

Pytchley:   Set: 3L 4S PH in gothic

                        3L  14S + 3 S with shank, various.

Quorn:  Set A: 5L 4S. QH in gothic, good

             Set B: 5L 4S. QH in gothic, good 

             Set C: 5L 4S  QH in gothic, fair.

                      +3L 4S (various) QH  in gothic + 1L with shank

Radnor & West Herefordshire: 1S RWHH in block.

Sinnington: Set: 5L 4S Tallio Sinnington Hunt with Running fox. 

                         8L, various.

Southdown & Eridge: Set: 3L 4S SEH in gothic, good.

South & West Wilts: 12L  6S - various SWW with fox mask over

South Devon:  1S  SDH in gothic

South Dorset: 4L 5S  SD monogram with running fox over, various

South Herefordshire: 1L 1S SHH in gothic, fair

South Notts: Set: 3L 4S SNH in block, fair

South Wold:  2L  SWH in Gothic, fair.

Spooner’s & West Dartmoor:   3L 2S S & WD in block, good.

Stevenstone: Set: 3L 6S, SH monogram, fair.

Suffolk: 4L 5S SH in gothic, fair, various.

Surrey Union:  Set A: 4L 4S UH in gothic, good.

                      Set B: 3L 4S UH in gothic, good.

                                 2L fair.

Tanatside:  2L 1S, TSH in gothic with horn over, good.

Taunton Vale: 4S, TVH in script. Good.

Thurlow: Set 6L 6S TH with running fox over, good.

Tivyside: 7L 2S  Plume of feathers with writing round.(various)

Tredegar Farmers: 2L 4S TFH in block

Tynedale: 1L Fox mask with writing round, good.

Vale of Aylesbury: Set A: 5L 4S, VAH in script, good

                           Set B: 5L 4S VAH in script, good

Vale of Lune: 1L VLH, Good.

Vale of White Horse: Cricklade: 2L 8S VWH in script, good.

Vale of White Horse: Earl Bathurst: Set: 5L 4S VWH in gothic, good.

                               2L 12S, various + 3L 2S (with shank)  

Vine: 3L 3S VH in script with vine leaf over, good.

Vine & Craven:  1L 4S VCH in script with vine leaf over, good.

Warwickshire:  Set A: 5L 4S WHC with wheat ear below, (fair)

                      Set B: 5L 4S (fair)

                      6S with shank.  WHC with wheat ear below

                      1S WH with running fox over, hunt servants', fair.

West Norfolk: 1S WNH in script, fair.

West Shropshire: 1L 2S W.S.H. in block

West Somerset: 1S WSH in gothic, good.

Whaddon Chase: Set A: 5L 4L WCH monogram with running fox, fair.

                          Set B: 5L 4S WCH monogram with running fox, fair.

Wheatland: Set: 5L 4S WH in gothic, fair

                         1L 3L, WH in gothic, fair.

Woodland Pytchley: Set: 3L 4S, WPH in block, good.

                                     2L, WPH in block, fair.

Worcestershire:  Set: 6L 4S WH in script with fox mask over. 

York & Ainsty:  4S Y & A with fox over, fair.

Ystrad Tan Fechan:  Set: 5L 4S  YTFH in block, good

                                     4L 2S YTFH in block, good.

Zetland: 1L 5S Z with coronet over + 2S with shanks.


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