How to sew your hunt buttons on correctly, so they don't get lost!


Having invested in vintage hunt buttons, it is worth sewing them on in a way that ensures they won't pop off.

There are two methods involved:  The first for buttons that will be done up - as on the front of your coat, the second for buttons for show only - as on the back of a coat, cuff buttons or those on an evening coat.


For buttons that are going to be done up - e.g. on the front of a bulky coat: 

1. Mark where the buttons need to be placed and make a very small hole.


2. Take a small piece of sturdy fabric, cut the ends diagonally and thread it through the shank of the button. It should fit tightly, so the button doesn't wobble. 


3. Gather the ends of the fabric together and push them through the hole you have made.



4. Pull the fabric tight from the inside of the coat, spread it out and sew it securely with strong thread.



For buttons that are not going to be done up - eg on a dress coat, or buttons at the back of your coat and cuff buttons

1. Mark the correct position of the button and make a small hole in the coat (as above in method 1.)

2. Push the shank of the button through the hole.


3. Thread a small piece of sturdy fabric through the shank. It should be bulky enough to prevent the button from wobbling.


4. Spread out the piece of fabric and sew it firmly in place with strong thread.


5. The button will sit beautifully flat with little risk of it being caught or ripped off.

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