History of Hunt Buttons

The history of hunt buttons can be traced back to the livery buttons of noble families from the 19th century. Each Hunt has its own distinctive button, and there may be different designs for hunt coats and (evening) dress coats.

The hunt button may only be worn by those who have been awarded it by the Masters of a hunt. It is an honour to be awarded the button and is a visible recognition of service to the hunt.

Before being awarded the hunt button, both men and women may wear a plain black coat with plain black buttons. On receiving the button a man is entitled to wear a red coat with brass buttons, and ladies continue to wear a black coat with (usually) black, vulcanite or plastic hunt buttons and the hunt collar.

Masters, hunt staff and other members are recognisable by the number of buttons on their coats, traditionally as follows, but there may be variations.

3 buttons - Hunt subscribers

4 buttons - Masters

5 buttons - Huntsman and Whippers-in (hunt staff)

The Hunt Button specialises in vintage, brass hunt buttons, suitable for those who have been awarded the hunt button to wear on their coats. 

Please enquire for full sets of buttons in stock.

If you are looking for single buttons to match with those you already have, please be aware that these vintage buttons may vary in size and design.  Any buttons not matching, can be returned.

The Hunt Button has some black buttons and modern computer engraved buttons from recently formed hunts available.

The Hunt Button also carries a large stock of single buttons that may be of particular interest to button collectors.



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